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ClibhouseTo further support the SFWC’s philanthropic mission, our spacious air-conditioned clubhouse is available for rent to groups and private parties at reasonable rates for one-time and long-term repeated usage. The multi-purpose meeting room (approximately 2,300 square feet) with adjacent large kitchen is ideal for events such as lectures, business meetings, seminars, funraising events, and family festivities including wedding receptions and baby showers. There is a hardwood dance floor and a piano.

Our auditorium seats 150 and is perfect for presentations, musical performances, plays, and film screenings. The auditorium includes a baby grand piano on stage, two dressing rooms, a bathroom, acoustics, and lighting. A Public Address system is also available for rent.

Please call 505-983-9455 to contact the Rentals Coordinator about renting the Club's Main Room or Auditorium.


Plenty of free parking is available.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rental of the SFWC & LA Clubhouse

1. What facilities are available for rent at the Santa Fe Woman’s Club and Library Association (SFWC&LA)?
  The SFWC&LA has two large rooms available for rent:

A carpeted, general-purpose “Main Room” with a small dance floor section and an adjacent, well-equipped kitchen. The capacity is 95-150 people depending upon arrangement of chairs and tables. The club has 14 rectangular tables that seat six comfortably, 10 round tables that are three-feet in diameter and can seat six comfortably, and 10 square tables that can seat four comfortably.

An Auditorium with a stage, a piano, adjustable lighting, and AV available.

2. What kinds of events are appropriate for the clubhouse?
  The clubhouse’s spaces are frequently rented for birthday parties, baby and wedding showers and receptions, memorial services, business meetings, art-and-craft shows, “meet and greet” events, graduation celebrations, social gatherings, holiday celebrations, family reunions, and formal presentations or programs with speakers.

3. What are the rental rates?
  Rental rates vary depending on the number of people attending and the length of an event. The minimum rental period is four hours. Fees for the Main Room (for the minimum four hours) range from $165 for 25 people to $350 for 100-150 people. The Auditorium rents for $250 for a four-hour block, regardless of the number of people attending. Quotes for additional hours beyond the four-hour minimum, for larger groups, and for long-term rentals may be obtained from the Rental Coordinator. A reservation is not confirmed on the SFWC&LA calendar until payment of the security deposit has been received. For more information about pricing, please see our Short Term Rental Contract and Long Term Rental Contract.

4. Is a security deposit required?
  Yes. Fees for the security deposit range from $200 to $300, based on the amount of food and drink served at an event. The security deposit is paid at the time the renter submits a signed contract. It is refunded within two weeks after the event if there are no violations of the contract.

5. What hours and days are available for use of the clubhouse?
  Rental space may be scheduled any day from early morning to 11:00 PM at night.

6. What are the responsibilities of a renter?
  Renters must work with the SFWC & LA Rental Coordinator and the Building Manager to arrange time to view the facilities, discuss plans for the event, sign the necessary contract, pay fees, and arrange any special needs for the contracted event. Renters are responsible for setting up rented spaces before the event and cleaning up afterwards. In order to fulfill this requirement, it may be necessary to schedule additional time at the rate of $30 per hour. If renters need help with set-up or clean-up, they may contract separately with the Building Manager for tables/chairs set-up ($25) and/or table/chairs take-down ($25)—total of $50 for both.

If food is served at an event, the renter is responsible for providing dishes, glassware, utensils, tablecloths, and table decorations. The club’s refrigerator and other kitchen appliances may be used.

Renters must inform their participants about any requirements and regulations about use of the clubhouse and ensure that those requirements are met. COVID-19 precautions must be adhered to strictly during the pandemic; each attendee must sign a release of liability.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the clubhouse or on the premises.

Alcohol may be served inside the clubhouse and requires the use of a New Mexico licensed bartender. Security is required if alcohol is served. Security may also be required at other events if circumstances warrant. Talk to the Rental Coordinator about any questions regarding this requirement.

7. How do I contact the Rental Coordinator and the Building Manager?
  Leave a message for the Rental Coordinator at 505-983-9455.

8. What additional information do I need to know about renting the SFWC & LA clubhouse?
  The Rental Coordinator and the Building Manager can arrange visits by potential renters to view the facilities. Times for such visits: Tuesday evenings 4:00 to 6:00 PM and Saturday mornings 10:00 AM to noon.

If a meeting requires audio-visual equipment, sound system, computer access, and other such technology, renters must work out those details with the Rental Coordinator as the contract is signed and then work with the Building Manager to set up whatever is needed.

Payments may be by cash, check, or money orders; the club doesn’t accept credit cards.

Ample parking is available at the clubhouse. Renters will coordinate with the Building Manager if there will be a large number of cars.

  Download the Rentals FAQ as a PDF

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