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Piano Recital: Michael Weber Motilla
Sunday, August 12th 2:00–2:30 PM, $10 donation requested

The Good Manners of Colonized Subjects is a spoken dance performance by Shebana Coelho, a writer, director and performer originally from India, now based in New Mexico. Through poetry, flamenco-based choreography and gestures drawn from Sanksrit classical theatre, the performance interweaves dance and memoirs of colonization and liberation, circling towards a cathartic re-imagining of that first moment indigenous to the species: the incandescent experience of art. The first work in progress performances will be in Santa Fe, NM on August 12 (5:00 PM) and August 15 (6:30 PM) at the Santa Fe Women's Club. For tickets, and more info, please visit Shebana Coelho's website.

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