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signThe Santa Fe Woman’s Club & Library Association, formed in 1892, provides civic, educational, philanthropic, and library support to the City of Santa Fe and its people.

The current Woman’s Club evolved from the Benevolent Association and Woman’s Board of Trade with the purpose of making civic improvements and establishing a library. Over the club’s long history, Santa Fe Woman’s Club was “Guardian of the Plaza,” opened the first library and reading room, and maintained the Fairview Cemetery.

SFWC was named a Santa Fe Living Treasure in 2003. Living Treasures called the Club “one of this community’s most enduring, most effective, most generous, most visionary, most far-reaching, and most significant civic-minded organizations.”

 DATE:  Sunday, October 21, 2018
         TIME:  2 pm 
         COST:  Suggested donation of $10 per person
LOCATION:  Santa Fe Woman’s Club Auditorium, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM  87505

The Santa Fe Recorder Society is an amateur music group open to players
of all levels.  We currently meet monthly from April through October.
For this performance, the following people will be representing the Santa
Fe Recorder Society: Mark Alexander, Scott August, Delphine Douglas,
Anne Huysman, David Kreuger, Donna and John O'Donnell, Lynn Osborne and
James Werbel.  We will mostly be performing as a large group, with a
short section featuring smaller ensembles.  The program will highlight
how we might determine what was the 'pop music' of earlier times, with
selections from the renaissance, colonial America as well as the present.

The program for the October 21st performance at the Santa Fe Women's
Club is:

 Christus Resurrexit, Alleluia!           Paolo Pandolfo (2012)
 Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen          Heinrich Isaac (~1490)
 Solitude in the Grove                    Ananias Davisson (1817)
 Fantasia on a Shape Note Hymn            Eric Haas (1995)
 Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen          Heinrich Isaac (~1490)

 small ensemble works -  to be introduced during the performance

 Adagio for Recorder Quartet              Bradford B. Wright (2016)
 Two pieces from Three Welsh Portraits    Alyson Lewin (2010)
   The Black Monk
   Captain Morgan's March
 Adagio from Hail! Bright Cecilia,        Henry Purcell (1692)
   Ode on St. Cecilia's Day
 de Los Alamos vengo, madre               Juan Vasquez (~1540)

John O'Donnell,
president Santa Fe Recorder Society.


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